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my story

Originally from Quebec, Canada, Annie was raised in Phoenix, AZ and grew up training competitively in all styles of dance. She is trained in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, and some styles of Ballroom. Annie spent a year on the Arizona State University Dance Team performing at sporting events and competing at the National level. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2012, Annie has worked for Tyce Diorio dancing in “The Gyspy Awads” and as an assistant on “So You Think You Can Dance” . She has also performed on the Latin Grammy Awards for “Calle 13”, “Pearl the Show” at the Lincoln Center in NYC , “Premios de la Radio Awards” at the Staples Center, the feature film “TED 2” and The “2017 Grammys” for Katy Perry. One of her most recent credits include dancing in NBC’s “Hairspray Live”! She is also on Faculty at “Hollywood Dance Jamz” dance convention ! Annie grew up going to conventions and competing in competitions around the country. She LOVES being able to relate to all of the young dancers at the studio and across the country and showing them that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE with passion and hard work!

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hollywood dance jamz

Founded by one of Annie’s Mentors, Barry Youngblood, Hollywood Dance Jamz is a huge part of Annie’s teaching career. The faculty consists of top choreographers and professional dancers from LA who have worked on national tours, film, television, commercials, and live stage. They bring their knowledge, experience, and passion to inspire the next generation of dancers. In addition to master classes, HDJ offers LA agency casting opportunities, valuable scholarships, and mentoring through their assistant program. As a convention kid and former assistant herself, Annie understands the young dancer experience and makes valuable connections with students across the country.

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A Note from Annie

Hi! My name is Annie, or more specifically Annie-Michele. I was born in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, so make sure you think “Annie-Michéle” in a French accent. I am the youngest of 4 kids, the only ginger (which I am very proud of). After graduating from High School, I went to Arizona State University and joined their dance team, where I was able to compete at the National collegiate level but ultimately I decided to leave college and move to Los Angeles to pursue dance full time.


The summer of 2012 my family helped me move to Los Angeles and I was so excited thinking I’d be a “professional” right away. Oh, how wrong I was. I had to work two side jobs, at a steakhouse and a smoothie joint, just to make rent.

Eventually I got lucky and was brought on as an assistant on tour with the Co. Dance National Dance Convention. Being an assistant for a dance convention taught me that HARD WORK and how being a KIND person always prevails. I eventually got my dance agent (shoutout to GTA, the best) and was able to quit my side jobs and pursue dance fully. As every dancer learns at auditions, you hear “NO” more than “YES,”  But let me tell you, I learned A LOT from the no’s. As time went by, I began to book UNREAL jobs that made me feel like I was dreaming! I  love performing but working on convention and in local dance studios is another huge passion of mine. Being able to help the younger generation believe in THEMSELVES is everything! I feel incredibly lucky that my job IS my passion.


I currently live in Los Angeles with my amazing husband, Bryce, who is a physical therapist, and our 2 cats, Fawkes and Fang (if you’re a Harry Potter fan, then you know) . I am a dancer. I am a teacher. I am passionate about helping others see their full potential and getting them there with a smile. It’s all about hard work and leading with LOVE! Thanks for reading!!

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