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Annie is a professional dancer with an exciting career.  She has danced for some of the top artists in the pop game (Taylor Swift, Katy Perry), performed on some of the biggest stages (Latin Grammy’s, Lincoln Center) and taught students across the country on convention. She is a passionate dynamic performer who learned early that hard work can make your dreams come true!


"With the right mindset and a willingness to work for it - all of your dreams are possible."

train with annie

Annie is an industry pro with a lot of inside knowledge to share but more than that, she is passionate about helping young dancers find and cultivate their unique talent. Whether you want to improve your technique, develop your artistry, or learn how to put your best foot forward at auditions – private coaching can help you achieve those goals.

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"Being able to help the younger generation believe in THEMSELVES is everything!" 

"Ms. Annie will always make sure you are the absolute best version of yourself when you leave her class and pushes you to believe, you not only can but will be able to do anything you set you mind to! She is an inspiration to me and always reminds me, “Don’t think about what’s holding you back, think about what’s pushing you forward!”

- Revolution Dance Center Student


Watch Annie work with one of her senior students.  >>


"My job is my passion."

"From the first class our dancers ever took from Annie at an HDJ Convention 5 years ago they fell in love with her. Her classes were an instant studio favorite. Her knowledge of dance and the proper care of dancers bodies was evident to our teachers and faculty. She has an infectious enthusiasm in her teaching that is contagious to the students and brings out so much in them. Annies choreography is outstanding, it challenges and inspires the dancers. Her visits to our studio are a highlight each year. Tueller School of Dance Loves Annie Gratton!"

-Dance Studio Owner

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